Three Dermalogica Skin Rescues

You see that almost finished bottle of Dermologica Charcoal Mask on the left there? That is proof of how much I am absolutely loving Dermalogica at the moment, and it has started with that very product. I have developed a routine that interchanges by day, and this routine I reach for every other day. It might be a bit extensive and frivolous but skincare is something that I not only thoroughly enjoy, but invest in to really ensure my skin is getting the best care possible. 

These three skin rescues from Dermalogica have made applying makeup much easier due to making my skin smooth and hydrated, but also making me more confident enough to not wear foundation at all. When it comes to skincare I really will only share with you all what I really find works well - and these three are the perfect trio

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The perfect trio

Dermalogia Charcoal Rescue Masque £38 

This is the first product from the brand that I tried, and as you can tell by the tube, I've used it quite a lot(often when I've had my girlfriends over as well for pamper nights). It's a product I've heard much about but never quite understood the hype until I actually tried it. It is the formula for a perfected base, and really just does make your lackluster skin feel dramatically brighter.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant £41 

This is a product I've been most excited to use, and I'm definitely a massive advocate for microfoliant scrubs. It is a rice-based exfoliating powder that activates upon contact with water, and whilst it sounds irritating its most definitely not, its rather gentle on the skin, but instantly leaves you skin feeling like a blank canvas. Just a much smoother and brighter one. 

Dermalogica Phyoto Replenish Oil £62
This is new to Dermalogica's skincare range, and it's one I'm most excited to share with you all. I know your all going to look at the price, and just freak out, but the product is labeled as a luminous treatment oil, and let me tell you - it really does do that. It is a feather-like oil, that is quickly absorbed into the skin whilst really penetrating and creating a smooth barrier on the skin. I often apply this at night, sometimes with  this alone, using these three steps, and my skin looks amazing the next day.

 I've not tried anything like this oil yet, but I'm interesting to know if any of you have any face oils you can recommend as well, do let me know in the comments as I always love hearing your recommendations. 

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