Autumnal Transitional Products That Feel Like Summer

It may be under ten degrees outside, and I've put any trace of my summer wardrobe behind me, but summer makeup is still something that I wont let go. Beauty, like fashion is very season orientated, and I know how exciting it can be to opt for pumpkin-coloured everything and your darkest shade of red, but I'm still wanting to maintain that summer glow, and still pack on the highlighter. 

I'll let go eventually, and that blog post will soon come inevitably, but for now I've been opting for these products to continue the vibe - at least until my skin completely loses any trace of summer sun.

Summer for me is a time I really go all out with my skincare, light colored blushes and lots of perfume. These are a few of my transitional favorites, that I used throughout the summer, and continue to use now.  

Caudalie Divine Oil £16.69 
For the body, I tend to always opt for oil based products. I feel that it doesn't strip the skin, and really keeps it nourished. Caudalie's Divine Oil can be used as a multi-purpose sort of oil, and I tend to use it for my body and hair. It comes in a bottle that distributes the oil evenly so it never feels like too much. With grape, hibiscus, and argon oil, it really penetrates the skin and is slightly scented as well, doubling up as a fragrance.

BareMinerals SkinLongevity Vital Power Infusion £45
This one I've spoken about on the blog before, but it is a beautiful serum made from a herb from the island of Okiwana called long life herb which is consumed for life longevity. BareMinerals have used this as one of the core ingredients in this serum, which helps with healing and treating your skin by preventing fine lines and wrinkles. In a way its a preventative serum, that almost feeds your skin. This was a staple of mine throughout the summer, and even so now.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin £77
This is one of those scents, that when you first smell it from the bottle, it does indeed smell pretty. It is not until you smell the remnants of it on your clothes, and on others that you really truly appreciate the scent of this. It's one of my favorites that I'll forever repurchase. It has notes of jasmine and sandalwood, and is both floral, yet woody which is perfect for the transitional months. 

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Lavish Mauve £8.99 
Another blush that I've loved throughout the summer, which is a bit more autumnal is the Max Factor Creme puff blush range. These drugstore blushes are some of the best I've tried - the pigmentation is lovely, and the lasting power on these are great as well. 

As for face basics I opted for these, as they are weather proof- most of the year round.

Guerlain Liquid Eye-Liner £23 
I've used this liquid liner for the past two years, and have never found anything that is better than this one. I find I can create the perfect winged liner, which doesn't budge throughout the day and has the perfect finish. I was initially sold on the packaging alone and my mother persuaded me to choose it but it turned out to be one of my favorites and one that I always recommend. 

Delilah Colour Blush in Lullaby £26 
Delilah is a brand you've probably seen in Spacenk but not heard much about before. I've reviewed a few of their products, but this blush is one of my favourites to use over the summer, and now I still use it despite it being autumn. The packaging is so lovely, and the pigmentation of the product itself amazing. It gives you that perfect flush to the face without being over-powering. 

Three face basic products that I've used in rotation over the summer have been Laura Mercier's Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid £35  which  I've just finished up, and is a lovely foundation that creates a very natural finish, whilst still providing great coverage. I'd often top this up with the new BareMinerals BarePro Powder Foundation £24 to set under my eyes and the oily parts of my face. If I'm wanting a fuller coverage with similar finish I'll opt for the classic Nars Sheer Glow Foundation £31 which can be used all year round, and is a coveted foundation for a reason. 

What products do you use all year round, despite the season?

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