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Let's talk tea. I'm an avid tea consumer, and peppermint tea lover. I know a lot of you may be as well. The culture and act of consuming tea is something I thoroughly enjoy, and since moving to England last year I've taken it upon myself to indulge in every English stereotype possible (including owning more winter clothes, than summer). 

Consuming tea then, is relic of English history and I've definitely traded in my daily espressos for something a lot less nerve inducing, and I love the calmness that comes with it. Plus, any excuse to create a tea cup collection and I'm all for it.

I know tea brands keep popping up every day, claiming all different benefits. I've tried a few brands in the past and never took a liking to the side affects. I was introduced to Begu Tea around a month ago now and I'm been adamantly making my way through the different array of teas that they have

My verdict; love! 

Begu Tea, is a brand that has you in mind. It's specialist lifestyle teas are catered for different needs, whether it be detox, body repair, or craving something sweet, and that's what I found most interesting at first. This is tea-drinking at its most ethical. They claim to source from the worlds premier tea plantations, and even the bags are biodegradable, being not only good for you, but the environment itself.

I've been trialing it for a good month to really get a feel of what the teas are like - I just didn't want to have a cup of tea and then rave about how lovely it was. I wanted to see how it reacted with my body and how it made me feel. One thing I've been dealing with quite a lot this month(I promise this isn't a therapy session) is anxiety, so being able to relax with a cup of tea really has helped.

Begu has six different tea recipes designed for different needs, which means I can grab what I need, and what I feel like at that moment. You can even take a questionnaire, to find out what tea would be most suited to you here. I'm also giving away the whole range to one of my readers, so see below for more info!

The Six different tea varieties are catered for different needs and having the option to alternate is what has been most enjoyable. The varieties are: 

Morning Buzz £19.99 - Packed with stimulants for the body and mind, I often reuse the bag twice in the mornings as I really love and enjoy this tea as soon as I wake up. It's starts your day in a refreshing way, and paves the way for making smarter choices in terms of what you consume in that day. It contains ingredients like, ginger and ginko biloba.

Nighttea Night £19.99 - This one is caffeine free, with cinnamon and hibiscus, and really just works to help me sleep at night - it's incredibly calming and I have it most nights.

System Cleanse £10.99 - This one goes without saying, and is recommended to take every other day. It aims to reboot and cleanse your system. I know with a few other system cleanse teas in the past they can create bad stomach aches, but this one has no bad affect on my stomach at all.

Calm £24.99 - The name of this one is self-explanatory. It's blended to bring calm, and to ease any stress. I'll sometimes have these on my lunch break just to ease the stress. Loaded with peppermint as well, which is one of my favorites! Also, there's something about consuming a product labeled calm, that places a placebo affect on your mind.

Appetite £24.99 - This one is for when you get those cravings and just want to snack on a big back of crisps but you know you really shouldn't. It contains appetite  suppressants and really does help you from not binging out on all the wrong foods.

Crave £24.99 - Okay, so this one is probably my favourite. It contains coconut and smells heavenly and tastes just as good, so whenever I'm wanting a kinder egg, this is the one I'll reach for.

Apart from the teas, Begu provides support by producing fitness videos for self-led exercise, it really is a brand that is taking health into consideration, and that focuses on your physical fitness as well, which I think is so important. It really does complement a healthy lifestyle, or a pick me up after a long day at work. 

Begu are also kind enough to share their whole range valued at £126 which includes the complete pack and variety of teas mentioned in this post. All you have to do to enter is just leave a comment below in my comments section and let me know what is making  you truly happy. I want to hear some positive vibes, whether it be a a new health kick your on, or something you've accomplished and achieved recently, even if it's a new book your loving - I just want to get to know you all, so leave a comment and I'll pick a winner next week!

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