Brighton Your Way To Riddle & Fins

Brighton is a place I had never heard of until I met a strange English man who was equally as odd as me and I was able to discover a different place in the world that I now call home. Everything about Brighton captivated me from the beginning, it was an instant affinity to a small city, that I had no preconceived idea about and that's what made my trips here every summer so incredible. 

Now that I live here, it's almost as if I've taken whats right in front of me for granted, so on this day, I was skyping with my mum from Australia, whilst walking through the streets of Brighton really taking in everything like it was the first time again. 

Brighton, is famously known for its Pier, countless bars, and restaurants and obviously it's beach. I've yet to finally take the step and go for a swim as I'm used to Australian summers, and swimming only when its over thirty degrees, so it just isn't quite warm enough for me yet. You'd instead find me, wine in tow, sitting on the beach drinking a glass with friends. 

If your into seafood, and by into, I mean absolutely would eat it everyday and can't get it enough, then definitely check out the array of seafood restaurants on the seafront. There are so many to choose from, and on this day I finally was able to try out a restaurant I had wanted to try since I moved here. Really took my time on that one didn't I? 

I know, my tourist mode was in full force on this day but I have my reasons. I may live in England, and have for the past year, but I'm still Australian at heart, and thus a fully fledged tourist and I still have the passport to prove it. 

 Whilst I was still Skyping with my mum I mentioned that I was by the new British Airways I360 and she kindly bought me a ticket and up I went. You are able to get some really lovely views of Brighton, and I was lucky it was a sunny day for it. There's a bar on board as well, which was sort of confusing as the trip up doesn't last very long, and you really wouldn't have enough time to properly enjoy your drink. 

Does anyone ever go and have a meal on there own? No? Just me? I decided to finally try out Riddle and Fins on the seafront (they also have one in the lanes of Brighton). I took a seat on my own, as I waited for the waiter to approach me for my order. The atmosphere of the place is very quaint, and you can also sit inside, higher up with a view of the ocean. 

When I was in Barcelona a few months ago I grew an obsession with seafood, and especially paella so I decided to try something similar to that. For my main dish I went with the Squid and Shellfish Risotto which was absolutely amazing, the portion size was quite decent as well. Enough to be brought back home to for my boyfriend who also commented on how good it was. 

For a side, I of course chose potato's, because I love potato's in every form, mashed, fried, oven baked, but most of all when I'm eating them. 

Getting into food blogging is something I'm really interested in, and I enjoy so much. There are so many amazing food places to try around Brighton, so do let me know if this is something you enjoy reading. I'd definitely recommend checking out Riddle and Fins if your an avid seafood lover like myself. Also, it's a perfect excuse to come to Brighton. 

I also want to venture out to London and try some places out there, so do let me know if you know any great places in both Brighton and London. 

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