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I'd be lying if I didn't say that my makeup collection is beginning to resemble some sort of Charlotte Tilbury makeup shrine. I simply haven't experienced a brand where every single product I try I instantly fall in love with. She's just recently released a new array of shades to her lipstick collection, and I of course, was all over that like cheese platters and crackers, or that one dog at a party when you come without any friends. 

There are a multitude of shades that were released, but I was drawn to two in particular, and I thought whilst I was there I'd try something else of hers as well. It was payday and I just finished my first year of university, so I saw it as a much needed treat.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Menu 

Hot Lips in Miranda May £23 
This shade was created with Australian model Miranda Kerr in mind, and when I saw a video of Tilbury applying this to Miranda's lips I was absolutely sold. It's such a gorgeous shade, I'd say its definitely a bit more summer-like, and now that summer has come to an end I don't know if I'll be able to wear it as much, but its absolutely beautiful. The pigmentation is great, and it's quite long-lasting.

Hot lips in Super Cindy £23 

This one is branded after super model Cindy Crawford's iconic nineties nude lip. Out of the two this is the most wearable, and I'm obsessed. Paired with Tilbury's Iconic Nude lip-liner and you've got the perfect nude lip. This is probably my most reached for lipstick of the moment. 

Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze £19
It is described as a colour morphing eye shadow pencil for brown eyes, that works beautifully in bringing out hazel tones as well. It really just enhances your natural colour, and is incredibly easy to use and blend. I'm definitely going to have to purchase a few more of these.

Legendary Lashes £25 
With the purchases I made, a sample of the Legendary Lashes mascara came with it. I was most excited to try this one out as I'm on the look out for a new mascara. I love the wand, I love the control, and I love the different affect the brush has on the lashes. The one thing that I think needs to be improved however is the consistency, it can transfer quite a bit which is disappointing but I think the wand is just lovely.

What Charlotte Tilbury beauty bits are you loving? I've already got my eye on a few new products already!

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