How to Always Have a Good Brow Day

I think we all remember the days when we had eyebrows that were either over plucked, or not touched at all. When brow products never seemed to exist in our minds, and we paid no attention to that area above our eyes. It wasn't until sixteen year old me discovered YouTube and decided that my furry friends above my eyes needed some love too. 

Trying to decide what product to use can be sort of daunting. Especially when it comes to the correct shade. I used to dye my hair black when I was younger so I'd opt for quite dark shades, but now that my natural colour shines through, I opt for quite lighter shades. There's a different array of products you can use, from high-end to drug store. The most important part is making sure you find the right shade, product, and use the right tools. 

The first product I ever used to fill in my eyebrows was a brow pencil similar to Sigma's Dressed Up Brow Pencil. I find that brow pencils are very easy to use, its almost like colouring in. The one thing I will suggest is that you find a eyebrow brush, or an old mascara wand that has been washed to brush through the brows after using a pencil as it blends it in and makes it more natural looking.

As I've got older I've opted for brow pomades and an angled brush to shape in my eyebrows. One that I've been using for years is Benefits Brow Zings in Light to fill in my brows or Beccas Shadow and Light which comes with a highlighting shade as well, to define the brow bone. If this is not in your price range Rimmel also do their own version called Brow this way which come in multiple shades(These are from Australia, so I'm not sure if you can purchase them over here in England).

In Rimmels Brow This Way range they also have varying eyebrow gels similar to Benefits Gimme Brow(which is all sorts of amazing, and I've run out - so you'll know what I'm purchasing next) that brushes through the hairs and keeps them in place all day long. They have various colours to suit your brow shade. I either opt for the clear, or the lightest shade. 

If your not into pomades, pencils or gels  you can opt for Sigmas Brow Powder(this shade is medium) using a Sigma Angled Brow Brush as shown below to shade in your brows that way. It's a great alternative to the rest, but all work really well.

Also, new to the brow realm is Benefits Goof Proof Brow Pencil which has recently been released. It's a pencil formula in stick form that you and twirl to reveal more product. It works beautifully, and I would really recommend it. The shade that I've received is a shade to dark, but I think its fantastic in terms of the use and formula, and is so incredibly easy to use when your needing to shape your brows in a hurry. 

What are you favourite brow products? 

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