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Sigma are known for the quality of their makeup brushes, and for good reason. One thing that seems to go unnoticed however is their make-up range. I was recently able to try out an array of different products- bits I wouldn't normally pick out myself but I am equally as impressed with the quality of it all, as I am with the brushes. 

A few of the first things I tried out were a mixture of things. The first is Sigmas Lose The Halo Lip Concealer. It sounds strange right? A concealer for your lips...Ever notice that when you look at swatches online of lipsticks and they look fabulous and then you order it yourself and try it on and it looks different? This is where a lip concealer can help. It paints a canvas for your lips so that the colour can adhere better, and provides a more even application. I've begun using it recently and impressed with how it works.

One of the next products I was excited to try is the Sigma Powder Blush in Mellow. It says that it's a blush, but it's most definitely not. It's actually a really beautiful contour shade and great as a brown matte eye-shadow. This one I can definitely see myself using quite a lot. Another 'Blush' is Sigmas Powder Blush in Peaceful  which acts as a beautiful highlight shade. It is very light and sheer with light pearly gold reflects. 

Among the lot was Sigmas Brow Powder in Medium and the Sigma Angled Brow Brush which go perfectly together in creating sculpted brows. The powder comes in two shades which is great if your looking for variety for a make-up kit.

Lastly, the two things I was excited to try was the Sigma Lipbase in Eurphoria which is a beautiful pencil-like lipstick and is in the most beautiful shade of pink I've seen. I don't usually opt for these colours but I tried it the other day and might actually try to rock it. The formula is incredibly pigmented, and is very hydrating at the same time.

To clean all my brushes the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Matt is perfect to use in the bathroom sink which fits to your hand and allows you to clean the brushes against your hand. It has absolutely made cleaning my brushes a fun process and that much easier.

What Sigma products do you love?

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