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It's hard to believe Summer is officially over, and it's already less then four months till Christmas. It's my second summer since moving here, and there is really nothing quite like experiencing it in Brighton. 

A challenge I've set myself this month was to use a lot of my makeup that has been untouched for a while, as I've got a fair few products that I don't want to go to waste. These are all products I've loved but have had to pull them out to make sure I'm remembering to switch it up on a daily basis. 

The first is a foundation that I've not given much love lately but have been reminded of how much I love it for every day wear, and that is the Delilah Time Frame Foundation £34. It is a fluid like foundation that blends into the skin seamlessly, giving a very natural light finish. It aims to protect the skin from sun damage and environmental factors. It's been my go-to foundation for work at the moment.

I've always opted for darker lips, berry or plum tones that really make my lips stand out. As it's been summer I've traded in my Mac Whirl lip liner for something a lot more subtle. That is Charlotte Tilburys Lipstick in  Penelope Pink which goes beautifully with a nude lip liner. In the same way that I opt for very light pink blushes, I've also been reaching for something a little different and that is the Becca Mineral Blush in Lantana £26. As you can see I don't actually use much of it, because it is so incredibly pigmented that you need to seriously be gentle with it and apply a little bit at a time. It really is a gorgeous colour if used right.

Also, from Charlotte Tilbury is the Eyes To Mesmerise in Mona Lisa £22. It is the most gorgeous cream eye shadow  I have ever used. It applies like a dream, and really just does make your eyes stand out in the best way possible. Lastly, something that I received a two Christmas' ago, and that is the Guerlain Petrouchka Palette. It comes with an array of bronzed eye shadow's and as well as a few different blush shades that are stored bellow the shadows. It was limited edition, but I know Guerlain are doing a very similar version of this with different colours at the moment.

This month HappinessBoutique also wanted me to try something out from their range of Jewelry. I had reading festival to attend to last month so I wanted something festival appropriate so I chose this Black Galaxy Gemstone Pendant. I used to have one very similar, but lost it at a previous festival so I thought it was very fitting. They have an array of different jewelry on their site so its definitely worth having a look at. 

What have you been loving this month? 

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