When in France: Buy Skincare

My skincare routine is something I'm always trying to perfect. I'm constantly trying to find the right products for my skin. As a result I've always turned from product to product to find what works best. Whenever I feel that my skin is being particularly stubborn and hard to maintain, I usually like to simplify what I'm using and stick to products that I know work well with my skin without further irritation. These three have front row in my skincare regime whenever my skin is needing a little help. 

I'm often trying different makeup removers depending on what is available to me at that moment. However I've noticed with certain removers they can sometimes make my skin appear very irritated and tugged at. In this instance I'll almost always turn to my Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Miceller Solution. This works as a makeup remover that you apply onto a cotton pad, and very gently removes all your makeup, whilst having a water like consistency.

Next, instead of using a strong toner, i'll use some sort of facial spray. This one is the Uriage Thermal Water and I like to apply this after I've removed all my makeup thoroughly. It works to bring some hydration back into the face whilst soothing it. 

Lastly, to help with any stubborn breakouts I'll go in with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo along with my moisturizer to really keep the skin hydrated and as well as clearing up my skin by pulling the impurities out. 
What french skincare do you swear by?

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