July Beauty and Monthly Reads

Through June and early July I've been traveling around Europe and I'm finally settling back in to the groove of everyday life, just maybe a incredibly more tanned version of myself. This means I've had to switch up some of the products I've been using to accommodate my new shade and I'm finding I'm opting for things I wouldn't normally would.

July has been a month of stability for me. I'm celebrating my first year of living in England(I grew up in Australia if you didn't already know) and I've also just celebrated my three years with my boyfriend who we were long distance for the first two. We've been living in our new flat for almost four months now as well which is just crazy. 

So this month I've eaten a big box of Laduree... If you couldn't already tell, my belly sure can. The boxes are just too pretty to throw away....

 Along with pretty Laduree boxes I've been loving the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet,  which is all sorts of amazing in the summer time because it's serum like consistency blends in with the texture of your skin in such a subtle way. It provides lots of coverage with minimal effort and I just love it. Plus it's my exact summer shade so I get excited that I'm able to use this again.  The second is the Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in 08 Brilliant. I tend to start wearing red lipstick again in the summer and I'm not exactly sure why, since I think it looks beautiful with pale skin, but I've just started pulling this shade out again and have fallen in love all over again. 

In terms of lashes, I feel like the thickness, length and texture of them are always changing so I have to change up which mascara I use. This month it has been the Becca Ultimate Full Lash Perfecting Mascara. The wand is quite thick and large, and holds a lot of product without being to drying or too wet. It creates very voluminous lashes, which I've been loving. 

I've also started to embrace contouring again, and have gone a bit overboard with the highlighting because it's summer and that's the only reason I have. I've been using the Becca Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Palette for both, and I love both shades equally. The highlighter is incredibly pigmented and the contour shade is perfect to hollow out and bronze up the face as well. 

This month I thought I'd include something a little different as well.. That is a book, because well... I haven't properly read in a year, not including Uni textbooks and I finally have jumped back on the bandwagon and wanted to share what book I'm loving this month. It's called Me Before You by Jojo Moyes which has just recently been brought out into a film as well so I'm trying to get through it quickly before I watch the film, I wont divulge too much into the story at this point but I really recommend it. 

Also, my new boots from Topshop I haven't been able to remove from my feet which says a lot. I know it's summer but it hasn't quite been flip flop appropriate yet! 

What have you been loving this month?

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