100th Blog post : YOSO Pro Skincare Device Review + Giveaway

When It comes to skincare I wouldn't typically call my routine simple. I use an array of products and alternate between these all the time. The one thing I haven't used however, is any sort of beauty treatment gadget. I never understood how they worked, and the effectiveness of them all was not known to me. Also, adding another element to my routine seemed a bit unnecessary and I didn't know if I had the time. 

Cue, the YOSO Pro. What is most interesting about the YOSO Pro is that it has many different functions in one and you can choose the treatment that suites you. It utilizes ionic technology and soft vibrations to improve your skincare process. Best of all most of the settings only take a few minutes, so the fear of adding another step to my routine is at bay.

The YOSO Pro £134 has three settings and steps to improving your skin that you alternate between.
The first is; 

The cleansing option is to be used after you've removed your makeup. Applied with your favourite cleanser, or toner onto a cotton pad and can be worked into the skin which removes any fine dirt trapped in your pores. This is probably my favourite way to use it as I really feel like I'm getting what is leftover on my skin  and have it thoroughly removed. Plus, I love watching a show on my laptop and just massaging this into my face.. 

The moisturizing option works to really work your favourite moisturizer deep into the skin. It can be used with or without a cotton pad attached to the head and can be used directly onto the skin which allows your moisturizer to absorb deep into the skin for more effective moisturizing.

This option is used for moisturizers and sheet masks using fine vibrations. What I think this means in real terms is that it just works your sheet masks and face masks into the skin a lot better and really ensures your skin is absorbing it. I haven't used this mode yet but I'll definitely have to try it out. You also have the option to choose the length of each mode, and the intensities to match your skin sensitivity.

At first I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not the device would make a difference because I had never heard much about these sort of beauty devices in general. The best way that I can explain it is that your skin feels like its had a massage or a facial and just looks very radiant after you've used it. Especially if you've used at night and have slept on it. My skin looks glowing, and pores are reduced. I thinks it is an amazing addition to my skincare routine, I wouldn't call it a necessity but it definitely does improve the appearance of my skin, and I really enjoy using it.


I'm also giving away a YOSO Compact Deep Cleansing System £36 for you guys which you can see below. It is a much quicker and portable version of the Pro. All you need to do is comment bellow your favourite skincare product/device or something in your routine that really helps with your skin or follow my social media sites. I love hearing what you guys love!

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*PR Sample. Giveaway is for UK residents only.

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