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Whenever people ask me how I do my makeup, or how I blend evenly, it all comes down to the brushes you use. I've often seen people who use one brush for foundation, powder and bronzer and this will be one of the most common reasons blending can be difficult(I was guilty of it at one point too). 

Picking the right brush, and what works for you is what is most important. Foundation can adhere to your skin in different ways, and your skin texture can reject certain brush types. I know for me, my foundation brushes always need to be very compact.

I have other brushes from multiple brands that I use for various things but my favourites from sigma would have to be these five.
Sigma Small Contour Brush F05 £21
I've always opted for much wider, less dense brushes for contouring or bronzing. When I finally got to try out the small contour brush I was so impressed with the results. It really does ensure you are able to have a very precise contour that can be blended out, without applying to much to one area. It might take a little bit longer, but the results are better. 

Sigma 3DHD Precision Brush £13 
This brush I've used solely for blending in and applying concealer to my under eye area, and other parts of the face. Because it is angled and not so rigid it works really well in ensuring that concealer is blended into the hollows of your eyes. I much prefer to use this as well, especially when I'm in a rush in the morning and hate getting concealer all over my fingers.

Sigma Angled Brow E75 
This has become a new favourite in applying gel products, mainly my eyebrows and sometimes if I'm wanting to wing out some smokey liner. It has multiple uses which is great, and is thin enough to really fill in your eyebrows in the shape that you desire.

Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 £24
I've always been an avid kabuki lover. This one especially is great for much thicker formulated foundations. I find that my Estee Lauder Double Wear loves this brush and really ensures that it is blended in lovely. With much thinner formulated foundations I tend to use the tips of this brush more rather then packing it in directly. As I'm using much thicker foundations recently this one has been my go-to.

Sigma Tapered Highlighter F35 £23 
I remember when I first tried highlighting I never could get it right. This was way before there were tutorials about it on YouTube because it just wasn't that much of a thing yet. I'm talking maybe six years ago now. Any sort of tapered brush is beautiful at applying highlighting products to the tops of your face. This one in particular is beautiful at doing so.

What are you favourite Makeup brushes? 

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