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I've finally returned back to my flat in Brighton, curled up in my duvet and slowly drinking my black coffee and happy to be back having just explored a few cities along the way through Europe. The most interesting thing about Europe is that it is so vastly different no matter where you go. The country next door to the borders you are in can be a different state of culture and architecture revealing its diversity.
I started off travelling in England having met my parents from Australia,  and made our way to Paris, staying in the historic Bastille.We rented an Airbnb flat in a closed off street that made you feel like a local as opposed to staying in a hotel somewhere central.

Being my second time in Paris, there were only a few things I hadn't done yet. The first being the underground catacomb tunnels which basically map out the entire city from below. It has so much historical significance, in terms of why they are there in the first place. I wont go to much into as it is really worth getting a guided tour and learning all about it. We entered the tunnels from one part of Paris, and two hours later we came out on the other side of the city.

I also got to experience Disneyland for the first time, and my inner child was so overwhelmed with excitement that I probably did have to hide back tears a few times.

We then made our way to Barcelona, Spain. We stayed fairly central in the city and spent most days doing tours and eating seafood paella and patatas bravas every night (the carb belly was worth it, you absolutely need to try both if you haven't).

The most beautiful part of Barcelona to me was a small city called Girona which seems untouched by time, and is so beautifully quaint. For those of you who are Game of Thrones fans, it's also where some of it is filmed so that was definitely exciting to see.

Next we flew to Mykonos, Greece and stayed directly opposite the Tropicana club which is famous for its beach parties. On the first night, with only a few hours sleep having had a very early flight,but made our way to the beach and spent the night drinking and dancing on tables. It took a lot out of us so the rest of the trip we spent by the pool. 

We had dinner in the 'Little Venice' of Mykonos and ate as much Greek food as I could(It's so similar to my grandmothers cooking and reminds me of home back in Australia). 

There are so many little streets you can walk through and get lost. It's especially good for shopping.

After Mykonos we caught a ferry to Santorini and took a taxi to the main city of Oia. It's so spectacular that it almost didn't seem real when your looking out into the agean sea. My boyfriend and I stayed very central in a villa which had amazing views of the sunset every night. 

My parents however stayed in a cave much further down to the cliff of the island and we occasionally paid them a visit to use their hot tub. 

We visited the dormant volcano in the center of the island, and even walked along it before taking a boat to the hot springs along the volcano, which we  had a small amount of time to swim in. We also went to a small island beach(I wish I could remember the name) which we had lunch and had the most amazing seafood I've ever had.

To top the holiday off we had a really nice dinner at Strongili which we decided on after walking past it randomly. It is quite expensive so we justified it by celebrating our three years together slightly earlier than normal, which was so worth it. 

If you do decide to go to Santorini do check out the restaurant but make a reservation for 7pm and request the outdoor balcony where you can watch the sunset, and try their Aperol Spritz, which we were drinking most of the night.

We ordered two starters, which were both something we normally wouldn't try, but turned out to be so delicious. The first was goats cheese wrapped in pastry and coated with honey and sesame seeds. The second was zucchini and feta spring rolls. 

I'm now on my second coffee having finished this post and going through all the pictures has really made me so grateful that I got to experience it all living so close to Europe. I'm definitely already planning my trip for next summer much to my boyfriends dismay.

Much Love, G. 

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