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I'm finding more and more increasingly that I tend to latch on to brands like a some sort of makeup-hungry leech. One of those brands for me, which I've spoken about before is BareMinerals. I did a blog post on their new skincare range which is absolutely fabulous. You Need to try their Oil Obsessed makeup remover, it's all sorts of amazing- I'm on a wild tangent and need to be stopped as this isn't about their skincare(again). 

This time however, I want to talk to you about their makeup bits which are all sorts of wonderful and make me always feel like I'm having a good skin day. 

BareMinerals Invisible Light Translucent Duo £28 
The first of these is one of their latest releases which will be released this July. It is a combination of both a matte powered formula and a 'glowing' alternative. The two distinct finishes are paired together to combat and highlight. It's quite funny how we mattify our face and then add a whole lot of controlled highlighter to give the desired affect. 

The Matte absorbs oils, whilst the Glow is infused with rose and gold pearls that create a subtle shimmer and glow to the face. They are so finely milled that they diffuse the look or pores and imperfections and add a soft-focus finish. I have to try and not use this everyday because I don't want to use it up so quickly, because it really is just lovely! 

BareMinerals BARESKIN Serum Foundation £26

This is also a new one for me. As the summer months have now approached us I've been leaning towards much lighter foundations and this one is exactly that. It is so light in consistency that when applied to the skin it is very water-like. You almost wonder how exactly it's going to provide coverage but when blended in with the Perfecting Face Brush, it really does provide very flawless natural coverage that lasts. I would say you will probably need to top up at some point during the day providing the weather but it does last quite long. 

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue £27
I've spoken about this one a lot on the blog before. It is a very sheer light-weighted formula that feels like a gel-moisturizer that blends into the skin and provides very natural coverage. It is perfect for everyday wear as it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything. It provides incredible amounts of hydration as well which is always a good thing!

BareMinerals BARESKIN Serum Concealer £22 
When I first tried this concealer out I was very confused, I didn't really like it and thought it didn't blend well at all. It may have been because I'm used to using Mac Pro Longwear Concealer and it is a much thicker consistency. 

As the title suggests it's a serum concealer so it does work differently, which means it has to be applied differently as well. It is a very hydrating and brightening product so I've had to switch brushes and not apply as much as I normally would and found the results amazing. It lasts most of the day as well which is great. I really do love this concealer now, despite my initial confusion. If you are after something hydrating, that conceals at the same time I'd definitely recommend this one.

What make-up bits from BareMinerals do you love? 

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