New in Skincare : DHC Skincare, Masque & Dermalogica

The time-consuming process of applying makeup daily- although fun, also has something that is more fulfilling. That is, taking it all off once the day is done. In saying that, what excites me more than new makeup releases, is quite possibly anything skincare related. At the moment, I own four toners. It's quite possibly a problem. 

In preparation for the summer months(Yes, I do consider 14 degrees 'lovely weather' now) I've really opted for trying out some new alternatives to switch up my skincare. These few products have recently showed up on my door step and I thought I'd take the opportunity to share what I thought about them. 
Masque Bar Hydro Gel Dark Eye Patch £29 
One of the latest additions to the Masque range is their Hydro Gel eye patches. This has quickly become my solution to brighter eyes and I'm constantly finding the opportunity to pull them out despite the questionable looks from my boyfriend. I struggle with a quite dark under eye area, and it's something I've always wanted to try and rectify. I think always using an additional eye moisturizer helps, but using this a few times a week has definitely helped with the brightness of my under eye area.

Being enriched with Gold, and Snail extract(not sure either), it does wonders in making the puffiness under my eyes reduced as well. You are set with a thirty day supply with this little container of goodness, so do try it! 
DHC Beauty Lift Cream £41
New to the cult Japanese skincare brand, DHC is their ultra-hydrating beauty lift series. The collection features a light-weight and calming formula to their products, without missing out on the moisture and hydration.

I'm all for extremely hydrating products, especially when it comes to moisturizers and creams. The thicker the consistency, the more hydrated my skin looks the next morning so this cream is amazing for me. If your all for Asian skincare, and products that are extremely hydrating then this one might just be for you, and perfect for night time application. 
Dermalogica Clear Start Skin Soothing Hydrating Lotion £15
This product I've had for quite a while now which is almost used up. It is aimed at irritated skin that is prone to breakouts. I would say most probably for oily skin as well, considering it is quite light in consistency. 

It aims to balance oil production in the skin, and hydrates skin associated with prescription acne medication. This one definitely helped me when I was breaking out. However, my skin is a lot different now, and I generally opt for quite heavy products. If you love quite light products and keeping your oils at bay, this one might be for you!

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