Base Products For The Summer

Summer is quickly approaching here in Brighton and I'll be excitedly travelling around Europe for half of June. Personally, I tend to wear less makeup in the summer in terms of eye products but still like to perfect the base in terms of luminosity, and making sure my makeup stays in place. The products I'm about to mention have been ones I've used for years, and a few of them are new, but equally as good.

The Base

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow £32

This product I reviewed recently on it's own after owning it for so long but not actually using it. It has become an every day favourite because of how subtle it actually is. The other two mentioned are more obvious in my opinion and this one just gives a very subtle glow to the face. 

Becca Backlight Priming Filter £32

This illuminating primer I received when I went to a Becca lunch last year and ever since I've been converted to all things Becca and I'm definitely in love. Out of all the three I think this is definitely the best one I have ever tried. Becca just tend to get highlighting right, no matter what it is. 

Mac Strobe Cream £24

This product I've been using for as long as I remember, and it was one of the first 'highlighting' products I ever used before it was such a massive thing. Like the other two base products mentioned it works in the same way. If your a fan of Mac, you'll love this one. 


Nars Sheer Glow £31

This was the first ever high-end foundation I bought, fresh faced and for my high school graduation formal where I did all my own makeup because I couldn't justify spending all that money on a makeup artist and not owning any of it. Ever since then I have always come back to this foundation and it is absolutely perfect for the summer as it isn't two heavy, gives a nice glow and does tend to stay on for quite a long time. 

Setting Powders, Bronzing and Illuminating 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette £59
This palette I've had for quite a while now and it's almost all used up and on it's way out- well, at least I think it will be by the end of this summer. It consists of three finely milled powders that create and mimic beautiful lighting on the skin. The first is a setting powder, that is similar to your skin-tone which i used to set my foundation. The lightest in the palette is great for highlighting and the more brown-toned pigment is for warming up the face similar to bronzer. For the price, it is definitely worth it.

Becca Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Palette £34
Lastly, if I'm having a night out and really want to up my contour and highlight game I'll turn to this palette. This one in particular is great, because it has both of the shades needed in the one palette. The contour shade is the perfect colour to hollow out your cheek bones an define different areas of your face. Whilst the highlighter is one of the most pigmented I've ever used.

What are you favorite products for the summer?

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