Tarte Best in Faux Mascara

Before Sephora became available back when I was living in Australia Tarte was one of those brands that was hard to come by. One of the products that I always tried to get my hands on was their Lights Camera, Lashes Mascara. It was always one of my favourites to use but since pairing it with the Best In Faux lash extension fibers I've found a combination that works so well with my lashes. If you've wanted to know how good these two work together but don't want to fork out the money then this one is for you.

I wont go on too much about these, but the Mascara alone works wonderfully in extending and lengthening the lashes but when combined with the fiber mascara it really brings out the lashes even more.

 If your not to sure what fiber mascara is it is essentially little synthetic fibers that are applied right after you've put on mascara, in the same sort of wand. Once you've gone over with the fibers, you then apply your regular mascara over the top to secure it in place. 

The good thing about fiber mascara is that you can use it with any of your favourite mascaras and it just makes it that much more intense. It's definitely one of my my go-to's when wanting dramatic lashes.
Which fiber mascaras have you tried and love? 

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