It's quite obvious that I've been inconsistent with my blogging this year. There was a lot to take into consideration that I never realised when I first decided to move to England last year. 

I was fueled by incredible optimism and had an idealised view of how it would be, and whilst I wouldn't be where I am now without all the things that did happen- it sure was an experience. It allowed me to see that there is light at the end of adversity, and things do get better as long as you keep working at it. 

Not going to lie, moving across the world to be with the one you love is a lot of work- much harder than long distance ever was. During this time, I lived in a bedroom the size of a shoe box, with virtually no light. As a result, my passion dwindled and I found blogging quite difficult to keep up with, top that up with a job I was unhappy with and the pressures of uni and I found myself struggling quite hard.

However, I was able to finally sort things out, get a new job that I now really enjoy and finally have a room that is filled with so much light, that I couldn't be happier. 

I wasn't too sure where this post was going exactly, but over time I've met quite a few people on here and I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still around- and definitely not going anywhere.

So as you can see this is my new blogging space, and I'm so incredibly happy about it. I've already got lots of posts ready for you guys, so I just wanted to dedicate this to my official return. I'm definitely looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs that I missed!

Peace and Love

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