Ghosts GirlCrush Perfume Launch

Having previously worked as a fragrance consultant, I've always been drawn to Ghost fragrances, so when I was invited to the launch of their latest scent, GirlCrush, I was more then happy to make the trip up to London for the night. Held at Marks Bar in Soho, the event was decorated and themed to match the fragrance, very feminine and fun.

It is most definitely very girly and fresh, with top notes composed of pomegranate, peach and raspberries, so you can imagine how fruity it would actually be. It is definitely suited for someone a bit younger then myself, but that is not to say I don't enjoy it just as much. 
The cocktails for the night were constantly flowing, and the menu for it was matching with the top notes of the perfume itself- so delicious. 

There was also a little candy bar, so we could take away some sweets Which most definitely came to good use for my hour long trip back to Brighton (slightly tipsy with no battery left on my phone). 

In timely fashion, my friend and I also has our Polaroids taken before dashing off to another bar for the night once the event was over. Have any of you tried Ghost fragrances before? 

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