Attic Airbnb: Amsterdam

Instead of my futile attempt to explain where I've been the past month, I should instead, jump right back on the blogging bandwagon and start this year off on a positive note. Right where I left off. Last year, when I created my blog I was living in my parents attic back in Australia. Since then, I've set myself a little bucket list to stay in different Attics around the world. Last January I stayed in an attic conversion in Poland and ever since then I've been determined to see parts of the world this way.

There's an essence to Amsterdam that makes you want to gallivant through the streets endlessly, that I assume would be intensified in the summer. We went during the midst of winter, and although beautiful, I can imagine it being that much more amazing when the sun is out. During our trip we stayed very central in an area close to Jordaan which was close proximity to everywhere we wanted to go. The attic was on the top floor of an old traditional Dutch building that has similar facades throughout the city and we definitely felt like a local.

There's a lot to see and do in Amsterdam, and luckily a lot of it can be done by foot. You'll most definitely want to see all the major attractions, like the Heineken factory, Anne Franks house (you don't get to go into the actual attic much to my dismay, but much of the rest of the house you can walk through). 

In terms of places to eat, we found an amazing little cafe that does breakfast called Greenwoods and you also can't go to Amsterdam without out trying Bitterballen! I thought I'd include endless pictures but I'll let the video above do the talking! Have any of you been to Amsterdam?

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