My Love For Givenchys Dahlia Divin

You know when you love something so much you just want to let everyone know about it in a sort of Tom Cruise-esque jumping on Oprah's couch sort of way? This is how I feel about Givenchys Dahlia Divin. It's not too often that I'll genuinely fall in love with a scent but this one has changed that. It's one of those perfumes that the moment you spray it, the smell will be lingering for days. I'll often pick up my coat again and still be able to notice it days after. The longevity of it is incredible, and the scent is just as lovely. 

Let's be honest here, I'm no perfume connoisseur, and I'm not the best with noticing the notes of perfumes, but this one much to my knowledge has notes of plum, white flowers, jasmine and woody tones of sandalwood. Combined, is just the most amazing thing you will smell ever, let it linger on your skin for a while and you'll notice it more so then when you first spray it. 

What is your favourite perfume? 
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