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When you first think of England your first association may be London, but there are so many other beautiful cities that you've got to see. If you're familiar with Sydney Australia and know the town newton you'd know that it is filled with interesting sorts of people and has a very alternative vibe. Brighton is very similar to this expect it doubles in the summer as a holiday destination being right by the beach. I've been living here for around three months now have become somewhat acquainted with the small city. If your're wanting to travel out this way but not sure where to start, here are some places I've found and love. 

The Lanes
If your coming to Brighton one of the places you most definitely can't miss out on is the lanes. It is basically an array of streets and alleyways that all join up together and have quirky shops, vintage stores and great places to eat. If your after thrift stores that sell all kinds of knick-knacks then definitely check out Snoopers Paradise. 

If your wanting to see that little bit of country side outside of the city then head on to The Downs or more specifically Devils Dyke. There is a beautiful lookout that make you wonder how such a condense city could be such a short drive away from such green hills. 

Definitely check out the Pavilion gardens in the summer time, and expect to lay in the sun for hours. It's a beautiful Indo-Saracenic Palace that was built for king George IV and really does bring such liveliness to Brighton.

Places to Eat/Drink
If you’re after something more traditionally ethnic and middle eastern/Indian/African then definitely check out Sahara and Mascara. Both do absolutely amazing food and the vibe is always right. Mascara sometimes has belly dancers as well! 

If you’re after a typical pub lunch definitely check out The Lion and Lobster It's a three to four story pub that is bright Red, you won’t be able to miss it when looking for it. It's also great for going for a drink, they have an amazing little rooftop as well.

If you’re after a place to drink, definitely check out The MashTun it's great for people watching, and if you love a good cocktail bar then check out The Plotting Parlour just at the bottom of St James St it's quite quaint and small but has a really nice vibe. If you’re after a dance and like swing music then The Mesmerist is always fun for that. 

Where have you been in Brighton and Love? Let me know, I'm always wanting to check out new places. 
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  1. I had a very short visit to Brighton this summer while I was in the UK. It's such a beautiful city. We spent most of our time exploring the lanes or sitting on the beach. I would definitely go back if I'm ever in the UK again. Great Post!


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