Lifestyle Love: August & September Degustabox

You may have noticed that I've ventured out into lifestyle blog posts as of late and that is because I just cannot commit myself to beauty exclusively. So when I was sent my first August Degustabox I had to share it with you guys. If you aren't aware of what Degustabox is, it is essentially a monthly subscription service where each month you are sent a box filled with different  food and snacks to try. As I'm living out of home for the first time it's been perfect as I've been able to try out new things and brands that I wouldn't have typically tried out before. I decided to combine last months Degustabox and this months so you guys can get a feel of what their box's are like and how much they differ.

In the August Degustabox there was an array of snacks and food to try. Some of the products that really stood out to me were The Primal Pantry raw bars that were both healthy and delicious. The Barilla Pene and Arrabbiata definitely came to use during my lunch break and the Dr Oetker Mug cakes were a new one for me, I'd never tried microwavable cakes that you heat up in a mug before- quite sad that we don't have a microwave for this one! Also, the Choco Leibniz from Balleru were a definite surprise, would have never picked that one out in the shop but tasted so good!

The September box was definitely filled with snacks and treats, which I again(shamefully) consumed within the first few days. I tried to stuff the empty packaging with tissue, I'm a terrible person, I know. The September box stood out a lot more to me then the August, I love that it was centered around all different snack foods which I'm forever craving. 
The September box came with two Reece's Peanut butter cups, Mallow & Marsh Marshmallows(I don't like marshmallows but these were so nice) and two packets of Portlebay Popcorn in both Sweet and Salty and Cappuccino flavour. 

This months box was definitely filled with a lot of different drinks. Two of these included Up&GO which I was beyond excited to see because they are an Australian drink which I absolutely loved back home so I was excited to see that it had come to England. Also included were two bottled of TG Green tea which I'm sipping on right now and love, and two bottles of The Good Cider of San Sebastian which I'm yet to try but I bet will go down well! 

The great thing about Degustabox is that you get to try products that you wouldn't normally pick out in stores. One of these being the Compete Energy bites which essentially are little chocolate brownies that are infused with caffeine. It is equivalent to drinking one large coffee so it gives you an instant boost of energy. I've tried them out when I've really needed it and it works great. 

If you'd like to try out Degustabox yourself I have the discount code that gives you six pounds off your next order. Just use BLDEG15 at checkout hereHave you tried Degustabox before or anything similar? Let me know. 

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