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Getting your ideas out there and noticed is a hard thing to do in such a saturated world. So when I was contacted by Solopress to take part in their Get Noticed Campaign I was more than excited to share it with you guys. You can get involved in a bid to 'get noticed' and all you have do is create a blog post or in 140 characters or less on Twitter, explain why your creation should be up on that billboard. Remember to add the hashtag #SPGETNOTICED for your entry to be seen. The winner will get to feature their idea on a billboard in your city of choice so definitely be creative, it will be great exposure for your image or brand.

So to get me started Solopress was kind enough to send me a personalised kit featuring my own business cards which I can finally use when at blogging events and especially when meeting other bloggers. Along with this came a personalised leather case with my initials in the corner which holds my business cards and a set of personalised "The Weekend Attic" pencils which I'm most excited about. I've already been planning blog posts with these! 

So on to my Billboard idea- I actually just came to grips with the idea quite recently but I have this vision in my head of twenty year old's computer desk in the nineties. On it, there is an old white brick computer with what appears to be an old version of Microsoft Windows. On the very old version of internet explorer would be a very primitive(I say primitive because it feels that long ago now) website talking about makeup, and pictures on what works best for each product. Along side the desk would be, old memorable 90's makeup and memorabilia, including old magazines that are flipped to the makeup and lifestyle sections. 

There would be books, video tapes and anything quintessentially nineties. This image will display the left hand side of the board, and the right hand side of the billboard will be juxtaposed with a millennium girl's computer desk. A laptop featuring my website(for the exposure of course) a stark white desk, with candles, makeup, books and possibly and IPhone thrown in there to emphasize on the time. On both the 90's side and the millennium side they'd be two different girls practicing their makeup in their bedrooms, something most of us have done. 

There'd be some sort of tag line, with emphasis on beauty as a transient thing, but as girls through history, we have always wanted to look and feel our best. Something alone the lines of that but I haven't quite figured it out completely yet. I can't wait to see some of you get involved! let me know if you do! 

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  1. Great article! I have know more about this contest! :-D Lovely blog anyway. ❤


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