Three favorite Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

If I could exclusively stick to one lipstick brand and let everyone in the world know about it, it would be Ms Charlotte Tilbury. Her range of lipsticks are reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and the colours definitely mimic that, as well as makeup throughout the ages. I've spoken about these shades on the blog before but they are definitely my favourite ones out of her collection. If your after neutral shades of brown and nude then these ones are definitely for you! 

Her collection has an array of bold shades but lately I've opted for nudes and brown tones. These three shades are on constant rotation in my collection and are paired with either Iconic nude lip liner, or Pillow Talk Lip liner. The shades are:

  • Penelope Pink: A nude pink colour that is from her k.i.s.s.i.n.g range and not matte like the others.
  • Bond Girl: Reminiscent of that quintessential bond girl, and is quite brown toned. 
  • Very Victoria: Think of Victoria Beckham in her spice girls days, a very muted brown that is quite wearable. 

Which one is your favourite? 
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  1. I've been wanting a Charlotte tilbury lipstick for the longest time so I finally ordered very Victoria yesterday. I'm so excited for it to arrive. The lip liner is gorgeous as well but I guess I'll have to wait to get that.


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