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If you saw one of my recent videos you would have known that we were gifted some Lush goodies after attending a blogger event and they were swiftly packed into my suitcase to use over here in England. Lush is a brand that I had never exclusively tried before. The smell of the products at first never seemed the most appealing so I was quite put off trying some of their products in the past. However since trying out a few of samples of their Dream Cream, Popcorn Lip Scrub and American Cream hair conditioner, I'm definitely converted. 

The Dream Cream hand and body lotion was always one I had heard about frequently, but never quite understood the hype because the smell was always slightly underwhelming for me. However, it has come to be one of my favorite moisturizers because not only is is hydrating but the smell which at first seems very clean, similar to freshly washed laundry, lingers on the skin beautifully in the same way. The hype is definitely understood on this one.

The American Cream hair conditioner was one that I had no preconceived ideas about. Never heard about it and wasn't really fussed. But my gosh, this has become one of my absolutely favourites, not so much in terms of hydrating the hair because I feel that conditioner is not good for this. I prefer to use hair oils throughout the week. Mostly because the smell lingers in your hair for days, which never happens with past conditioners that I've used in the past. It smells very sweet, like honey as well- love it.

Lastly, the Popcorn Lip Scrub which has infamously been raved about over and over again. I haven't loved using this one as much mainly because the smell I don't really like. It's almost sickly sweet in strange way but it does work well and exfoliating your lips. The bubblegum flavoured version definitely smells a lot better!

Oh and I recently tried some of their bath bombs and I stupidly used them before taking a picture. Ooops! I'll have you know they are amazing, and would definitely suggest you try them! What do you use from lush that you absolutely love? Let me know!

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