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When I changed the name of my blog a few months ago to The Weekend Attic, it was far more fitting because I actually lived in an attic. A few things have changed since then. I've left the Attic(and country) and now reside in a basement flat. At first, I thought, how am I going to continue blogging in such a dingy light-less space, but my worries were put to rest quite quickly(all I had to do was open the blinds). I've only been in England for three weeks now and the lovely people from Debenhams Flowers allowed me to pick out a bouquet of flowers from their summer flowers range. It's a beautiful blend of Lillie's, Peonies and White Roses, all the flowers I love in one. I wish I had taken a picture sooner so you could see it in its full glory, but for almost two weeks they are still going strong! They sure do know how to make an Australian feel welcome. So in the theme of summer I thought I'd share with you a few of my summer essentials that I've been loving. 

I've had to cut down on my makeup collection since moving here, so only my favorite bits have come with me. The Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette was a definite contender, it is everything your summer skin needs in one tightly packed palette. I definitely wouldn't recommend it for your go-to-night-out palette but it's great for the day time when your wanting to create a subtle glow with some bronzer, highlighter and blusher. 

Along the same lines of bronzer is the product I wanted to share the most. That is Loreal's Glam Bronze Eau De Soleil. I wasn't too sure about this product at first as it was highly scented and liquid, but this has really became an all time favorite of mine. The way I like to apply it is by applying it to my face with some Mac Strobe Cream but any moisturizer will work. Then once I have my foundation on I apply it to my fingers like I'm about to apply war paint, and hollow out my cheeks whilst also applying it to the corners of my forehead and face. Making sure to blend it all out after. I promise it isn't as complicated as it sounds!

I managed to pack five perfumes with me this time. I'm really not sure how but as I mentioned in my last post, Marc Jacobs Mod Noir is just heavenly. It's always with me in my purse and I seem to be using it a lot this summer. Finally for my last summer favorite, I decided to include this one because every summer that I've been to England my hair just shrivels up and becomes so lifeless that I've been using Argan Oil of Morocco twice a week on my hair to bring it back to life, and so far it has helped.

As mentioned, I now have an insatiable need to always have fresh flowers in my home, these ones are the Peony, Rose and Lily Bouquet. I was never quite the flower lover until I met my boyfriend. I made the horrible mistake of telling him I hated flowers when we first met, but this changed very quickly and I had to slip it in conversation somewhere months later that I soon changed my mind. Now having flowers in my home just gives me that extra bit of happiness. If your interested in trying out anything from the Debenhams flower range I have a discount code that allows you to get 25% off your order. Just use DFBLOG25 at checkout.

What have you been loving this summer?
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