Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes : Review.

If you've immersed yourself in the online beauty community you may have heard of the brand Younique. One of their most popular products that I've come across time and time again, but not actually tried is their Fibre Lash Mascara*. I am no stranger when it comes to fibre mascara having tried my fair few in the past and I absolutely love the finish it gives to the lashes. However this one in particular has absolutely sold me and is the best that I've come across. I wouldn't suggest it for daily use because it can take a while to apply, but if your like me and love taking your time at perfecting the lashes then this mascara is great for that. It is a two step process that involves applying the regular mascara as a base, and then adhering the fibres to that first base of mascara. Then locking it in place with the mascara on top of that.You can alternate between the two to really add to the length but if you do it to much it can get very spidery so just gently build it up. If your yet to find your holy grail mascara then definitely give this one a try, its the closet to falsies that you'll get!

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  1. It does look really good - makes your lashes look so big and long.


  2. Wow!!!! So many awesome before and after pic. I'm gonna have to really check it out :)

  3. I have seen a lot of these recently, might have to give them a try! x

    Laura |

  4. I have heard of this brand before and was curious to try it until one of their 'sales person' tried to recruit me for a Facebook party. She wants me to invite and ask all my FB friends to join and buy bla bla bla. Pretty much turned me off.

    Reflection of Sanity

  5. The difference is definitely very obvious! Seems like a great mascara to try!



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