Timeless Red : Featuring Chanel Rouge Allure in Brilliant

In the event of starting a brand new beauty blog I wanted to address how some people may look at the exterior of all things beauty and make up related as some what superficial or mundane even. It is however more than that, the history of make-up and its use reveals small fragments of the history of women and how we have progressed politically, socially and culturally over time. It is more then just a means of enhancing our beauty, It is a form of expression that allows us to be and feel the way we want. Being a history student, I am naturally inclined to want to indulge in the purpose behind everything. So when I did a little reading I found it incredibly interesting what certain make-up trends, and in particular the timeless red lip reveals of society, and more importantly women.

The red lip signifies passion, and a reclaimed sense of patriotism, especially post-war in the 1950's. Women were no longer working men's jobs whilst their husbands were away in the war, and at the time, the red lip was a symbol of their reclaimed femininity. Till this day it still has remains this way, but not entirely. From my own personal experience I have noticed men in particular react badly to a red lip, putting it nicely, they expressed that a red lip had unfavourable connotations of sexual promiscuity, that red lips are a 'bad' image, or even,  it doesn't look good because it reminds them of their grandma Betty(couldn't think of a better name). It just seems to be either loved or hated, and I want it to be reclaimed to its former glory as the timeless and glamorous pout that women would pride themselves on. Don't be afraid that you'll be standing out for all the wrong reasons because a red lip really can give you confidence. My go to lip for this is Chanel's Rougue Allure in the shade Brilliant, it not only is a lovely shade of red, but the packaging is sleek and pretty to carry around in your purse. Whatever your signature red lip may be, from Rimmel or something luxurious by Chanel, pick your colour and embrace it.


  1. Gotta love a good red lip! This Chanel red is stunning. My signature red is MAC RiRi Woo xx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

    1. Oh I've seen it in store and it looks absolutely lovely! Must try it out :) xx

  2. Hi Georgia. I am glad we are not in that generation anymore where red lipsticks were only worn by hookers, etc. For me wearing red lipstick is power and confidence! Well, my fave red lipstick of all time is Viva Glam I. <3

  3. love the color! great post :-)
    greets xopersianprincess.blogspot.de

  4. I love Chanel and this lipstick is perfect! ;)

  5. never tried a Chanel lipstick but it looks gorge' I might try soon


  6. I have the same Chanel lipstick but I think in a different shade ( http://instagram.com/thankstofashion) and I absolutely love it <3

    Mahshid مهشید


  7. The redder, the brighter the better!


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